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Types of superbugs

Types of superbugs


Protect Patients from Antibiotic Resistance

10 Killer Super Bugs Confronting Modern Medicine


Types of Superbugs

Donna Swenson's important post on reprocessing medical devices underscores the obstacles to medical device reprocessing, including manufacturers' ...

Superbugs “ ...

Image 2: A diagram of the four-step killing mechanism of the polymer against drug-resistant superbugs (Step 1) Binding of the positively charged polymer to ...

10 most dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria


Antibiotic-resistant superbugs may be closer to home than we think

WHO ...

On The Rise

8; 9.

Drug resistant infections will kill more people than cancer by 2050.

Rise of the Superbugs

CDC infographic

antibiotic resistance south africa

4 KS2 ...

The 12 Most Dangerous Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

Publication details

Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs- A Rising Threat for Medical Tourists

... largest consumers of antibiotics in the world. And its misuse and overuse is rampant. As a result, 'super bugs' that are resistant to all known types of ...

Superbugs Are Nearly Impossible to Fight. This Last-Resort Medical Treatment.

The Arms Race Between Germs and Medicine: How Superbugs Have Taken the Lead, and How Humans Can Take It Back - Science in the News

How bugs become superbugs

Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms in Superbugs

Four-step killing mechanism of the polymer against drug-resistant superbugs (Step 1 zoom

List Of The World's Most Deadliest Superbugs Has Been Released By WHO.

This illustration depicts Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria, which can cause different types of infections, including pneumonia, bloodstream infections and ...

Our lax approach to antibiotic stewardship is fueling a fire that eventually may be difficult to contain. Already, the CDC states that every year 2 million ...

Researchers Develop New Approach for Vanquishing Superbugs

Scientists Find a Rare Superbug In Houston

The scary rise of the latest superbug

It's not an alien spaceship. It's a bacteriophage. Scientists are turning to these 'bacteria eaters' to tackle superbugs.

Scientists have identified a small molecule that stops bacteria - including antibiotic-resistant types or superbugs - from forming biofilms, ...

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one bacterium on the WHO's list of highest priority needs for new antibiotics. Janice Haney Carr/CDC

Canadian docs say they've discovered a new way to beat superbugs – for now

'Last-Resort' Antibiotics Fail Against New Superbugs


Infographic : Purabi Deshpande / Research Matters

A micrograph showing MRSA bacteria

Star-shaped polymers attack a bacteria cell

Sclerosis drug could be new weapon against superbugs. (Photo: Pixabay)

Tissue engineering uses biomaterials like electrospun fibres (pictured) to act as scaffolds to help damaged tissues and organs repair.

Malacidins were effective even against MRSA-strain resistant to existing last line of resort antibiotics

Battle Superbugs

I can name types of microbes and what their features

... many Gram-negative species are particularly hard to treat because they have an extra outer membrane that shields them from drugs.

A visualization ...

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia ...

The treated sample (left) has far fewer fluorescent spots than the control sample on

Take the ACS Infectious Diseases Superbugs Quiz

A Bold New Strategy for Stopping the Rise of Superbugs

The bacterium Clostridium difficile (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The next generation of weapons against antibiotic-resistant superbugs

illustration of cartoon germs

New Molecule Can Kill Five Types of Deadly Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Types of Superbugs

Superbugs: a super-old problem?

nightmare bacteria and antibiotics

“New Molecule Can Kill Five Types of Deadly Drug-Resistant Superbugs”

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Use of 'last hope' antibiotic soaring in English hospitals

Photo: Inappropriate use of antibiotics has contributed to the rise of superbugs. (Flickr: NIAID (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

For the 15 month-study, researchers compared the impact of three types of antibiotic stewardship programs in 15 small hospitals within the Intermountain ...

Center For Phage Technology Spearheads The Battle Against 'Superbugs'

Superbugs and Drug Resistance: An ACS Infectious Diseases Webinar

The antibiotic-resistant superbug MRSA (Wikimedia Commons)

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies leading the charge against superbugs.

Superbugs at home

The 3 Types Of Superbug Bacteria Most Likely To Infect You – CBS San Francisco

Bacteria that cause many hospital-associated infections are ready to quickly share genes that allow them to resist powerful antibiotics.

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Photo / iStock Over the long term, a superbug could render antibiotics useless. Photo / iStock

CNN Superbug

Top superbugs


AS Programs for Rural and Critical Access Hospitals: The Science of Implementation

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Superbugs research report

Researchers discover new drug-resistant superbug spreading in hospitals

Superbugs could kill 10 million a year by 2050, report finds

Image: World Health Organization

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CDC CRE reduced by cooperation-b1185px

Europe must do much more to stop drug-resistant 'superbugs'

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